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Principal's Message

Once a Paulinian, Forever a Paulinian! Every Paulinan is part of the glorious history of SPCS where you have spent your entire childhood and/or teenage years at this beloved school. The school has also impacted you and your life; what you are today is because of the all-round, broad and solid education you received in SPCS. Your past, present and future are all intertwined with SPCS and all who served and are serving in SPCS, the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres, the teachers and staff, your schoolmates and classmates. The sentiments of pride and love you treasure in SPCS are reciprocal as SPCS is as proud of you as you are proud of the school. We are all bonded by the same Paulinian spirit, heritage and the school motto Being All Things to All People (1 Cor. 9:22) in this great Paulinian family.


Commencing September 2014, SPCS will celebrate the 160 Anniversary of the Founding of the school, an important milestone, to celebrate what we have together achieved over the past decades, as well as pursuing our hopes and actualizing our dreams. Hence, what better year theme can we adopt than: From Greats to Excellence for 2014-2015 when we joyfully celebrate our past triumphs and current strengths as well as envision the new possibilities and discover new grounds for growth, so that like Christ, we may grow daily in love, wisdom, grace, truth, stature and age (Luke 2:51-52). We aspire to be a school that is pleasing both to God and to the public.


SPCS is well known for its collaborative approach and team spirit. Let us once again demonstrate our unity so that wholeheartedly, we celebrate our Alma Mater’s 160 years of educational excellence. I am most gratified and grateful that nearly 200 Paulinians, ranging from the 1960s till the present, have already committed to offer their helping hands to prepare for this year’s great celebration events. To make our celebrations really memorable and worthwhile, we need your contribution and participation in, some if, not all of the celebration events. 

Do not miss out this golden opportunity to renew friendships, to enhance your Paulinian spirit and pay tribute to your beloved school. Therefore, kindly make time so that you and your family members can join in some of our most exciting celebration events, of which the highlights will be: The Launching of RV-8, a 2-seater airplane built by Paulinians at Chek Lap Kok International Airport; the Opening of the School’s New Green Building facing Leighton Road and the Home-coming Dinner at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 3 July 2015. As SPCS continues to actively embrace the changes in this new era, I ask you to render support to the school so that SPCS can continue its mission to provide an all-round education based on Christian values, that enhances the quality of life, both spiritually and materially, to many more generations of Paulinians so that they can contribute positively to their home, profession and society with charity, conscience, confidence, courage, creativity, competence and commitment.


Sr. Margaret Wong

Supervisor & Principal

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