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Donation for the New Green Block, Smart Oasis

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On 29 June 2014, we witnessed one of the most significant development projects in recent years, the Ground Breaking Ceremony of the Green Block.


The Green Block, also known as the Smart Oasis, has been designed to provide a sanctuary on campus for our fellow Paulinians. Using renewable energy and offering a ‘smart home’ with an organic rooftop garden, the two-storey green block offers Paulinians the ideal space they need to study, relax and gather.  It also enhances the accessibility on campus. With the new lift in the Smart Oasis, disabled access to the hall is made even easier.

The original budget from grandfathered reserve designated to this project was 14 million but the lowest tender price already amounts to 33.1 million excluding the consultancy fees and environmental lift that adds up to another 3.4 million.  Hence, the estimated excess amounts to 22.5 million.


It would be deeply appreciated if you could support the school by making contribution to part of the building cost so that future generations of Paulinians can enjoy what this innovative Smart Oasis has to offer.  Below is a donation form for you to fill in.

Message from the Principal

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